Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an efficient way to level the spot from where a tree was removed. The practices of felling trees and leaving the roots all over the place has long gone out of fashion, especially when it comes to residential and commercial properties.

Tree stumps are not only visually incompatible with manicured landscapes, but they are also a potentially tripping hazard that can make lawnmowers go kapoot. Additionally, tree stumps are habitually pushers of unsightly suckers and small trees. They make the perfect breeding ground for flights of insects like termites, mosquitoes and beetles.

Having a tree stump professionally ground, with the right set of equipment, is the least intrusive way to bring a tree removal project to a finish. The main benefit is leaving the space where the tree once stood aesthetically pleasing and not allowing for an influx of creeping creatures into your yard.

Also within the grindable category are surface roots. Maple trees, for instance, are quite known for having such roots, especially in yards that have erosion problems. A tree’s root system is critical to the plant’s health, so cutting them can make trees recline and decline at rapid rates.

By consulting with a professional tree service, which ideally entails arborists, you would be given options. Either you save the tree after cutting its roots or things have to be done the final stump grinding way. More often than not, if roots need to be cut or pruned, the tree will need to be removed altogether.

Why Should You Work With Us?

At Meta Landscaping, we have the right kind of equipment to efficiently grind those stumpes, regardless of their sizes or the tree from which they emerged. We can grind in tight space, and out machinery can safely handle even the largest of stumps.

Once the grinding is complete, we will cart away the wood chips and other leftovers away, transporting them to other areas in your yard where they could serve as mulch. Plus, we can come back in with soil to fill in where the stump was to leave a smooth top layer, one that would be ready for sod or other kinds of ground cover.

Our services are available to both residential and commercial clients. We provide full-service tree care, tree removal, and then stump grinding. If you want to go one better by remodelling your landscape, we also got you covered. We run tree health diagnosis, which lets us tell you what should be removed and what should be retained.

Meta Landscaping’s goal is to create a pristine landscape by removing a tree in its entirety, the stump included. We can include an addition to your stump grinding quote for tasks that are below ground level. It all depends on what you want for your property.

Quality service at an affordable price remains one of our core objectives, regardless of the task you have at hand.

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