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Good landscapes entail more than just well-kept grasses and neat-looking shrubs. They tell of the care, excellence, taste and lifestyle of the homeowner. Good lawn care is a big-time investment into the health of a property, while being a source of relish, health and pride.

Why We Are The Best

One Step Ahead

At Meta Landscaping, we take the maintenance of your exterior grounds seriously because how the look of a property serves as a powerful statement concerning the owner.

If you want a lawn and garden that work together to create a vibrant, lush-looking outdoor area, we would be able to help. We will make sure your landscaping is a vivid reflection of your values and care, as we are committed to designing and maintaining beauteous, varied and personally-tailored landscapes that bring out the best in your piece of real estate.

Our business is the design, construction and maintenance of your gardens, lawns, front yards and backyards, with a foundation squarely established on being organic. With years of experience in the industry, a robust team of landscape contractors and creatives developed befitting landscape ideas to make your dreamscapes become landscapes. We formulate and augment to meet the needs of your clients, with high quality services.

Meta Landscaping is made up of educated, qualified, experienced and licensed horticulturists, stone masons, arborists, florists, landscape designers, carpenters and other kinds of expert handymen specializing in different areas. Whether you are looking to execute a commercial or residential project, we got you covered.

Because we know that each client’s needs are unique, Meta Landscaping offers custom tailored services that meet their goals. When you call in our services, you would immediately realize and confirm that being efficient is top on our service list, while being reliable and affordable.

Friendly to the environment

Through the utility of budget-conscious solutions, we make sure our customers get the results they desired without necessarily sacrificing other areas. Moreover, our team is adept with practices that are friendly to the environment, and they use alternatives to landscape chemicals when possible to prevent ecological disruptions.

Besides, we are aware that landscaping, when done properly, can add value of tens of thousands of dollars to your property. So, if you intend to put the real estate up for sale or lease, our services are sure to fetch you more value by creating an enthralling look for prospective buyers.

Are you on the lookout for a really honest landscaping service provider that has the best interest of its customers at heart? Well, you have found it. You have found us.

What Does Meta Landscaping Offer?

Installation of native garden beds with style, blend and a holistic appealing appearance in mind.
Designing enhanced-model irrigation systems and optimizing existing ones to cater to your property’s specifications.
Creating strong, elegant and drought-resistant lawns to make your property look lush, welcoming and of great value.
Giving professional advice and DIY maintenance tips to make your landscaping retain the glam we have put into it.
Building of healthy, vibrant and rich soil to support the long-term growth of flowering plants, shrubs and non-aesthetic grasses.
Trimming, pruning and planting of trees, small bushes and flowers to stimulate growth, prevent pests and maintain yard beauty.
Regular maintenance of the work we have done on your grounds for a reasonable fee.

Years Of Experience

Our landscaping services have been countlessly tested and proven reliable for small, mid-sized and large projects. We bring only the best, cutting-edge equipment to site and make sure our activities have little to no impact on your property or the aura of your exteriors.

We take pride in listening to your end goal and steer you in the best direction on the backs of our years of experience. Our adequately maintained work equipment allows us to be dependable, reliable and efficient, the kind people will always talk about and recommend.


Are you on the lookout for a really honest landscaping service provider that has the best interest of its customers at heart? Well, you have found it. You have found us.

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