Residential Landscape Maintenance

Homeowners have the liberty of choice when it comes to the maintenance of their landscapes. They can simply pay for a basic service that mows the lawn, blows off dead leaves and keeps the place clean. Professionals in the field refer to these services as the “mow, blow and go” practice because this is literally quantity over quality.

Speaking of professionals, their business models prioritizes quality over quantity. Because, come to think of it, just because someone can whip you a cabinet does not mean they are hireable for building a property. In the same way, full-service residential landscaping isn’t the stuff of housekeepers and local handymen.

If excellence, efficiency and quality of service matters to you, a full-service landscaping maintenance provider with reputation is what you and your property deserve.

Why Hire A Professional Residential Landscape Service?

Rest Assured

Money can’t buy everything? But in this case it can afford you some peace of mind. If you call in a lawn-only service, that leaves other tasks you will still have to attend to yourself or pay another service provider to take care of. Besides, pruning, weeding and picking up of dead, rotten leaves are not incorporated into your average weekly lawn service. Additionally, you will have to purchase and maintain costly equipment should you want to DIY the whole thing.

Contrastingly, full-service landscape maintenance services literally give you the liberty to kick your feet up, sit back and relax while the professional landscapers do what they do best. In the twinkle of an eye, your hard has gotten a haircut, manicure, facelift, makeover, chemical treatment and lots more, all with come-along equipment.

Customer Service At Its Best

Rather than paying for a service you cannot talk to, working with us guarantees you full-stack customer service. We are established enough to have a wholesome retinue of customer service professionals.

Case in point, we assign an account manager to every lawn care and maintenance client. Doing so, one of our pros becomes the watchdog of your yard’s health and is the architect of its future. Our job is to take over the management of your exterior space so you can attend to other aspects of your home.

Extended & Healthier Yard Life

It is one thing to have something, and another to keep it. For your outdoor space, Meta Landscaping makes sure both are guaranteed. The service entails much more than keeping things in order, as we also make that yard’s life longer than those that do not get professional care. With this long-term approach, we extend the lifespan of your trees and shrubs.

Unlike the mow, blow and go types, we prune with precision and tenderness. Lawn-only services often hack or shave at a plant until it loses its natural shape and gets a stunted growth pattern. Our full-service residential landscape maintenance saves you money in the long term by reducing the amount of replacement plants you need to buy and the number of times you have to pay for one job.

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